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There are specific and important rights that apply to everyone situated within the United States, regardless of their legal status. This is true even for people currently held in detention by immigration officials. Understanding these rights as key – these protections could help you keep your future goals and prospects on track.

If you have questions about immigrant rights during detention in Aurora, a knowledgeable team member might be able to help. Our legal team members could assess your situation, explain your many rights, and even help you contest an unfair removal order.

Refusing to Sign Documents

When someone is arrested and detained by immigration and customs enforcement (ICE), he or she will likely be asked to make written statements. The immigrant might even face the request to sign documents that could impact his or her rights.  This is a common tactic that pushes a foreign national into waiving his or her rights before he or she can get a chance to speak with a lawyer.

Thankfully, immigrants are not required to sign these documents or anything else during detention. However, this right does not extend to false statements. While an individual does not have to sign anything put in front of him or her, there are steep consequences for lying to immigration officers. This is especially the case if someone is not truthful about his or her immigration status.

For these reasons, it is key to work with a seasoned Aurora attorney. They could remind you of your general rights during immigration detention and determine whether you can avoid signing papers put in front of you.

The Right to an Attorney

If ICE detains someone due to his or her immigration status, he or she has the right to hire an attorney to serve as an advocate. Along with the right to retain representation, immigrants also have the right to contact legal counsel following detention. This is important, since a skilled Aurora lawyer could provide the best opportunity to avoid deportation or protect your rights during the rest of the detention process. However, it is also key to remember that immigrants are responsible for the costs of retaining legal representation.

Access to your Property

After being detained by immigration officials, the right to one’s personal property remains intact. However, getting access to personal belongings can be severely limited. Immigration officials will collect and catalog all a foreign national’s possessions, and he or she can request access to this personal property.

It is crucial to understand that legal documents are not considered personal property. If a detained immigrant has important paperwork to hold on to, he or she can request to keep documents on their person. These documents can make a big difference in a case, and a dedicated Aurora attorney could help someone request to retain the information they need to protect their rights and overcome detention.

Call Our Team about Immigrant Rights During Detention in Aurora

Having rights in immigration detention and enforcing them are two different things. Before you can ensure that you are treated fairly, it is important to understand what you are entitled to.

An experienced immigration attorney could answer questions, help you enforce your rights, and work to resolve any complications that arise during your detention process. Reach out today with any questions you might have about immigration rights during detention in Aurora.

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