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4 Bills to Protect Immigrants’ Rights in Illinois on Governor’s Desk

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that there are currently 4 bills on Governor Pritzker’s desk that he could sign immediately to protect the rights of immigrants in Illinois, and that some of the bills have been being legislated “for years.”

  1. Ban For-Profit ICE Detention Centers
    The Illinois Private Correctional Facility Moratorium Act has long prohibited the Illinois Department of Corrections from sending people serving their sentence to local, county or state for-profit, privately owned prisons. Bill 2040 would extend this law to cover immigration detainees.
  2. Immigrant Tenant Protection Act
    This proposed bill says landlords can’t use their immigration status to evict a renter or threaten a renter with eviction. It does not stop landlords from evicting someone for failing to pay rent or other reasonable grounds.
  3. RISE Act
    If approved, the bill would authorize the state to provide financial aid via the Monetary Award Program (MAP grant) to noncitizen students and transgender students not eligible for federal student loan aid because they failed to register for the draft. It would be a benefit to Illinois universities and colleges if the taxpayer-funded Monetary Award Program gave grants to qualifying students to attend their school.
  4. Ban Partnerships Between ICE and Local Law Enforcement
    McHenry County Illinois has applied to partner with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deputize police as immigration agents. Currently, McHenry County has a contract with ICE deal to detain undocumented immigrants in its jail, which the Sun-Times reports is expected to bring in more than $10 million last year.  
rights of immigrants in Illinois: Governor J. B. Pritzker became governor of Illinois in 2019, and campaigned in support of immigrant rights,


The Governor Voices His Opinion

Governor J. B. Pritzker became governor of Illinois in 2019, and campaigned in support of immigrant rights, tweeting,

When I’m governor, immigrant families in Illinois and those who stand with them will have a partner in Springfield. #DREAMActNow

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