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2023 New Year’s Resolution: Apply For Citizenship To Be Equal

Most people make 1 or more new year’s resolutions. If you are living in the United States with a green card as a legal permanent resident, make your 2023 new year’s resolution to apply for citizenship to be equal like everyone else. In order to become a U.S. citizen, all naturalization applicants must meet citizenship requirements. Foreigners who go through the naturalization process to become citizens are entitled to many benefits and privileges of citizenship not available to green card holders.

10 Benefits Of Becoming A U. S. Citizen

1. If a green card holder commits a crime, their legal permanent resident status can then be revoked, and they can be deported. A naturalized citizen is entitled to the same rights as a natural-born citizen and cannot be deported. 

2. U.S. citizens can vote in local and federal elections.

3. Citizens get priority to sponsor family members to permanently move to the United States.

4. A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen may automatically obtain U.S. citizenship.

5. Citizens are eligible for Federal jobs that LPRs cannot get. 

6. A U.S. passport and the ability to contact the U.S. Embassy provide some protection during international travel.

7. Certain educational scholarships are only available to U.S. citizens.

8. Citizenship almost eliminates the risk of deportation. Unless someone committed fraud during their immigration proceedings, citizenship is permanent. Once a person becomes a citizen, they are typically immune from deportation.

9. The U.S.  permits citizens to leave the country for long periods of time, unlike green card holders.

10. It costs less to become a U.S. citizen than to remain a green card holder. Permanent residents must renew their green card every 10 years and pay applicable fees. 

Understanding the naturalization requirements and the process is critical to successfully navigating the citizenship application process. An experienced citizenship attorney can advise you if you meet the citizenship requirements and help you every step of the way. You are not required to hire an attorney to manage your citizenship application. However, immigration law is complicated, confusing and – especially now – changing rapidly. The advice and guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer can save you time, money and stress – and make the difference in whether the U.S. denies or approves your citizenship application.

Get Your Citizenship & Be Equal – Just Like Everyone Else

Are you a green card holder living in the United States? You pay taxes just like everyone else. You have to follow the rules like everyone else. But you are not treated like everyone else. Get your U.S. citizenship and be equal like everyone else. Finish making the United States your home.

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