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Watch: DUI attorney explains DUI Roadblocks | Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Mario Godoy

Don’t Get Caught Up In March Madness and DUI Roadblocks

At a DUI roadblock or checkpoint, police officers stop drivers following a pattern or sequence, such as stopping every fourth car and evaluate the driver for signs of alcohol or drug impairment. Many Illinois drivers experience random DUI roadblocks around the holidays, near popular bars and outdoor events and at sports events – including the annual March Madness college basketball playoffs.

If there is not an actual violation of the law, the police do not have the right to check driver’s licenses or registrations when they make a random DUI checkpoint stop. However, if the police have a reasonable suspicion of illegal conduct such as alcohol or drug impairment, they do have the right to ask to see your driver’s license, your car registration or take a field sobriety test.

What Does A DUI Defense Attorney Do?

Making the mistake of driving after drinking too much can have very serious consequences that last not months but years. A DUI charge (Driving Under the Influence) or conviction is a criminal offense that can hinder your future. Illinois prosecutors and judges take DUI charges very seriously.

Possible consequences of a DUI conviction include:

• Fines and fees totaling several thousand dollars

• Jail time

• Driver’s license suspension

• Enhanced DUI charges, including reckless homicide

The consequences of a DUI are particularly harsh for health care professionals. Doctors, nurses, dentists and chiropractors facing a criminal conviction could lose their ability to prescribe medication, their license and their livelihood.

If you are charged with a DUI, you should immediately contact an experienced DUI defense attorney. To protect your rights and to ensure that you get the best possible resolution to your case, you need to consult a skilled DUI defense lawyer. A skilled DUI lawyer has many ways to help clients get out of a DUI charge by identifying reasonable doubts or legal flaws in the evidence that is needed to convict someone.

In the following video, Chicago DUI Defense Lawyer Mario Godoy explains 3 ways not to get charged with a DUI in Illinois… and what to do and say if you have been stopped by the police after drinking.

WATCH: 3 Ways Not To Get a DUI in Illinois

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Chicago DUI Defense Lawyer

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