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Education Visas That Lead To H-1B Visas for Global Talent

Education Visas That Lead To H-1B Visas for Global Talent

Today’s tech employers must be nimble and creative to meet the challenges of hiring global talent. The support of the Biden administration has increased the opportunities for education visas. These education visas that lead to H-1B visa programs can help college students get an H-1B visa so they can legally work in the U.S. According to US Labor Department Statistics, at the end of 2020, there was an estimated shortfall of 1 million tech professionals.

New programs and agencies such as the Open Avenues program support diverse, traditionally underrepresented college students and help them get work visas to get educated at U.S. universities. The sponsoring employer can then petition for an H-1B for full-time employment, allowing the student to move seamlessly into work and potentially citizenship.

Recruiting more graduate international STEM students (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) will provide the United States with a qualified, American-educated trained and qualified and willing pool of job applicants to fill the vacant positions in the tech sector.

There are more alternatives for tech employers who need global talent.

Hybrid and Remote Tech Workforces and Cloud-Based Immigration Lawyers

The challenges presented by the global pandemic created new opportunities for a hybrid or remote tech workforce, and well as cloud-based immigration lawyers.

Hybrid and Remote Tech Workforces

Prior to the pandemic, some tech workers were remote workers in their home country while others relocated to the United States with a temporary visa or became permanent residents. Since the pandemic, many more technology jobs have become remote or hybrid as employers and employees have chosen not to relocate for personal, family or economic reasons.

Some American tech jobs are nearsourced to countries such as Canada or Europe where the workforce is highly educated, communication and culture may be similar and it may be economically advantageous to hire workers.

Cloud-Based Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers who use technology to manage their law firms with remote access to files and documents and aren’t dependent on manual systems are uniquely qualified to help businesses manage a remote or hybrid workforce. Cloud-based immigration lawyers can efficiently manage a remote business’ workforce and electronically file immigration forms.

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