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Green Card Applicants Required to Submit 3 Years of Tax Returns | Mario Godoy | Chicago Immigration Lawyer

Green Card Applicants Required to Submit 3 Years of Tax Returns

Green card applicants will be required to submit three years of federal tax returns in addition to a history of employment under new rules by the Trump administration. The new DHS rule goes into effect mid-October 2019 and is part of an overhaul of the United States immigration system that will deny green cards to many people who use public assistance.

Impact on Applicants

Approximately  544,000 people apply for green cards every year, and about 382,000 fall into categories that will be subject to the new review, according to the government. Guidelines in use since 1999 refer to a “public charge” as someone primarily dependent on cash assistance, income maintenance or government support. The DHS’ new requirement for 3 years of federal tax returns combined with higher requirements for proof of education, work skills and health will make it more difficult for immigrants to qualify for green cards. An Associated Press analysis of census data showed that low-income immigrants who are not citizens use Medicaid, food aid, cash assistance and Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, at a lower rate than comparable low-income native-born adults.

Exemptions to the New Rules

Active U.S. military members, refugees and asylum seekers are exempt from the new rules which will not be applied retroactively. Reach out to a knowledgeable attorney to determine if you are eligible for one of these exemptions. 

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