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Illinois Has 2 New Bills to Protect Immigrant Youth | Mario Godoy | Chicago Immigration Lawyer

Illinois Has 2 New Bills to Protect Immigrant Youth

On July 23, 2019, Illinois passed two new laws to protect immigrant youth “in the wake of attacks on immigrant families by the Trump administration.”

Extend Short-Term Guardianship

House Bill 836 ensures that children are able to have short-term guardians if their parent is detained or deported by ICE. This bill allows a person in the country illegally to appoint a short-term guardian for their children in case they are detained or deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE.

Aid Youth Applying for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

House Bill 1553 better enables undocumented youth to obtain visas by aligning state laws with existing federal laws. The new law streamlines Illinois state laws with existing federal laws to help undocumented youth obtain specific visas in the cases of abuse, neglect or abandonment. 

In a press release announcing the immigration new laws, Governor JB Pritzker said,

“The accomplishments we have secured together have been done in the name of this shared belief: Nobody should ever be treated as less than a person because of where they were born. That’s not the message coming from Washington. Just this morning, the Trump administration announced a new class of undocumented immigrants to be subjected to expedited deportation. Once again, they are demonizing people who don’t look and think like they do. There is no place for that in Illinois. I’m proud to sign legislation that offers greater stability to the lives of immigrant children who deserve all the hope we can give them.”

Governor J. B. Pritzker was elected governor of Illinois in 2019, and campaigned in support of immigrant rights, tweeting,

When I’m governor, immigrant families in Illinois and those who stand with them will have a partner in Springfield. #DREAMActNow 

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