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parents and adopted child: Adopting a Foreign Born Child

New Immigration Guidance For Adopting a Foreign Born Child

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as issued new guidance on adopting a foreign born child. The USCIS Policy Manual has been updated effective June 14, 2024 to provide clearer guidelines for prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt a child through the Hague Adoption Convention.

Updates On How to Adopt a Child under the Hague Adoption Convention

  • Explain eligibility for foreign-born children to be adopted via the Hague process.
  • Emphasize the required order of steps for both immigration and adoption. This clarifies that legal custody or adoption for emigration purposes shouldn’t occur before completing certain Hague process steps.
  • Provide clearer requirements for adoption service providers, including using a primary provider and addressing situations where accreditation is lost.

This update reinforces USCIS’s commitment to the Hague Adoption Convention’s principles and safeguards, prioritizing the well-being of children throughout the adoption process.

Adoption Based Immigration

There are 3 ways for a child to immigrate to the United States based on adoption:

  1. Hague Process: Applies to children adopted from countries that follow the Hague Adoption Convention. Children enter the US with an IH-3 visa (adoption finalized in Hague country) or IH-4 visa (adoption finalized in US).
  2. Non-Hague Process: Applies to children adopted from countries not following the Hague Adoption Convention. Children enter the US with an IR-3 visa (adoption finalized in non-Hague country with pre-adoption meeting) or IR-4 visa (adoption finalized in US).
  3. Immediate Relative Process: Applies to adopted children who don’t qualify for Hague or non-Hague processes. US citizen parents can petition for them using Form I-130. Requires 2 years of legal and physical custody before filing, and adoption must be finalized before the child turns 16 (or 18 for a sibling). Eligible children receive an IR-2 visa.

Do You Have Immigration Questions About Adopting a Foreign Born Child?

Adoptive parents must comply with all USCIS guidelines and be approved by USCIS to bring a foreign-born adopted child into the United States, including the adoption of a child relative. International adoption and family-based immigration can be confusing and overwhelming. An experienced family immigration lawyer can help smooth out the process and prevent unnecessary delays and denials.

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