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H-1B Filing Starts Nov 22

New Round of H-1B Filing Starts Nov 22

USCIS is opening a 3rd H-1B lottery on November 22, the first time they have offered three lotteries in one year. Applicants randomly selected in the third round H-1B visa lottery can start filing their H-1B petitions with The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) immediately.

Each year, USCIS issues 85,000 H-1B visas. On November 19, USCIS unexpectedly announced that it conducted a third selection with an additional 16,753 registrations – the first time that USCIS conducted a third lottery in the same year. USCIS determined that they need additional registrations to reach the fiscal year (FY) 2022 H-1B numerical allocations, including the advanced degree exemption. The USCIS announcement said,

“The petition filing period based on registrations selected on November 19 begins on November 22, 2021, and closes on February 23, 2022. Those with selected registrations will have their USCIS accounts updated to include a selection notice, which includes details about when and where to file.” 

USCIS has a 90-day filing window. Petitioners may file H-1B cap petitions for selected registrations between November 22, 2021, and February 23, 2022. Registration selection only indicates that the applicant is eligible to file an H-1B cap-subject petition; it does not indicate that the petition will be approved.

What Is the H-1B Lottery?

On the first business day of April each year, USCIS makes available a limited amount of H-1B nonimmigrant visas for U.S. employers to hire experienced foreign professionals. The available visas are capped at 65,000 for new hires and 20,000 for those who have earned a master’s or doctoral degree from a U.S. university. Most years, the cap is reached within 5 business days.

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