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5 Reasons to Become a US Citizen Now!

TOP 5 Reasons You Should Become a U.S. Citizen NOW!

In these uncertain immigration times, one thing is for certain – naturalizing to become a U.S. citizen is the best way to avoid unnecessary hassles and separations.

  1. Avoid Deportation — A green card holder has permanent resident status, however he or she can still be deported for other reasons – a citizen may not be deported.
  2. Ease of travel – Freely move in and out of the United States.
  3. Voting Rights – You can have a voice in state and national elections to help shape the direction of the future.
  4. Separation from family – Again a green card can afford you certain protection, however in these uncertain times there have been stories of families being separated or avoiding travel because of concerns.
  5.  Run for public office – U.S. citizens can run for public office and work to change policies and represent the public.

Why Become A U.S. Citizen?

Along with the above, there are many other reasons to become a U.S. citizen such as: being able to petition family members, citizenship for your children, grants and scholarships, government benefits, and the ability to hold a federal job.

If you are interested in becoming a U.S. citizen contact us today.

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