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The threat of deportation is horrifying for anyone who has immigrated to the United States. No matter the circumstances, it could be ideal to work with an attorney who could defend your presence in the United States. While ICE and government agencies may advocate for your removal, there are still defenses you are afforded by law.

The Naperville deportation process is trying for anyone. Thus, it may be in your best interest to contact an experienced local attorney if you fear removal from the country. Although deportation does occur, it might not have to happen to you.

Detention by Government Agencies in Naperville

An individual in Naperville may be detained by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) if they have entered the country unlawfully, overstayed their valid visa, or committed a crime. Moreover, if the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) denies a petition for a green card or visa, it may institute deportation proceedings.

If a resident of Naperville is detained prior to immigration court proceedings, they may be able to be released on bond. Although a bond is not guaranteed, it may be possible with the help of an attorney. Bond payments may be accepted at an ICE office near Naperville or after the immigration court hearing.

Naperville Immigration Bonds during the Deportation Process

At times a bond may be paid in the early stages of the detention process so long as immigration court proceedings have not yet started. Otherwise, a detainee may need to wait for a bond hearing in immigration court.

In deciding whether or not to grant a detainee’s release on bond, an immigration court may consider a detainee’s ties to the community, his or her family ties in the United States, and his or her threat to the community or national security.

If the court grants a release on bond, by the authority of 8 CFR §241.5(a), it may place conditions of payment and supervision on the detainee. Moreover, if the immigration court denies bail, per 8 CFR §1236.1, the foreign national might be able to seek review by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Avoiding Deportation from Naperville by Asserting Defenses

In order to avoid deportation, foreign nationals may be able to assert a defense that might allow them to remain in the country indefinitely. Two common arguments are asylum or through American family members.

Additionally, some people who are at risk of deportation may have married and divorced a citizen of the United States. Under some circumstances, they might be able to remove the conditions from their green cards, so that they may become a lawful permanent resident in Naperville.

Call a Deportation Process Attorney in Naperville

The deportation process in Naperville may involve several routes depending on the foreign national’s situation. Some individuals in Naperville may be released on bond pending deportation. However, others may remain in local detention centers.

Decisions made by the immigration court may be able to be reviewed by the Board of Immigration Appeals. It may be beneficial to involve a local attorney who is well-versed in this area of law if you decide to file an appeal to the court’s ruling.

A skilled lawyer who is seasoned in the deportation process, may be able to assert one or several defenses on your behalf so that you might avoid removal from the country. Moreover, an adept legal professional might be able to put you on a path toward a green card pending a successful defense.

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