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Same-sex family visas in Aurora are just as difficult to apply for as any other visas. Because of this, the presence of an experienced and zealous immigration attorney could only help your odds. Do not wait and ease your worry with the help of an attorney today.

How A Citizen or LPR in a Same-Sex Marriage Could Sponsor a Spouse

In the United States, same-sex couples are able to apply for an immigrant visa by filing a Form I-130. The U.S. petitioner, a legal resident, would file same on behalf of their spouse.

Fiancée Petitions

The fiancée petition would be filed using a Form I-129F. The U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident would file the same on behalf of their fiancée.

Denied By DOMA and the Next Steps

DOMA was the “Defense of Marriage Act” which the government is no longer relying on as far as immigration is concerned. Someone who was denied previously under DOMA could now re-apply and file a new petition, consider filing a motion to reopen his or her case, or a motion to reconsider the previous ruling if petition I-130 was denied due to DOMA. An attorney familiar with same-sex family visas in Aurora could help aspiring applicants reapply.

Steps for Family-Related Immigration Benefits

Same-sex couples should definitely work on showing their either marriage is bona fide with proof of their marriage similar to any type of heterosexual couples. Outside of that, it is important that in these instances they have indicated to their family members or to their friends that they have a same-sex spouse and that they are holding themselves out to the world to be married.

Would a Family Applying for a Same-Sex Visa Be Discriminated Against?

As long as the marriage takes place in the United States, there should not be any issues arising out of a same-sex marriage as compared to a same-sex marriage, nor in another country that recognizes same-sex marriages. Obtaining a same-sex family visa in Aurora should not prove any more challenging than obtaining a family-related visa for a heterosexual couple.

Same-Sex Family Visas and Naturalization

There is no change in the residency period prior to naturalization for same-sex marriage or heterosexual marriage. Same-sex marriage partners, when applying for a legal permanent residence green card, should have the same waiting period of the heterosexual legal permanent resident. The law requires them to be treated the same as any heterosexual couple and that is a five-year waiting period to apply for residency. If a spouse was married to a U.S. citizen, he or she could apply within three years of residency.

Reach Out to an Experienced Same-Sex Family Visa Lawyer in Aurora

If you are looking to sponsor your significant other, an attorney could help you or any couple to put together the correct petitions to save time, money, and frustration. An attorney could also help you put together the required application to move forward to have a green card granted and could also attend the interview with the couple.

Reach out to a dedicated attorney with experience handling Aurora family visas for same-sex families today.

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