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Not every move a person makes for his or her career is intended to be permanent. For example, you may move to take a job that is based on a solid employment contract for a set period of time.

If this job requires you to move to the United States, you might need to obtain an Aurora temporary employment visa. These visas come in many forms, but one thing that they all have in common is that workers seeking them must have a sponsoring employer who files paperwork with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on their behalf.

Skilled employment visa attorneys could help employers in Aurora understand the requirements to bring a worker to the United States on a temporary employment visa. They could also work to understand your needs in the workplace, determine if your needs qualify for a temporary employment visa program, and take the necessary steps to help make that goal a reality.

The Purpose of a Temporary Employment Visa

Immigration and labor laws give first preference for any job in Aurora or in other places in the United States to American workers. However, there are specific scenarios in which an employer might not find employees with the necessary skills among the American workforce. There are other situations where exceptional citizens of other countries wish to come to the United States to do business.

In these scenarios, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) utilizes a variety of programs that serve to grant these people temporary residence in the United States to work. Common examples of these visa programs include:

• H-1B – for specialty positions that require at least a bachelor’s degree level of education to perform the job
• E-1 – for traders that are citizens of other nations that are members in trade agreements with the United States
• L-1B – for specialized workers who transfer to the United States

A temporary employment visa for Aurora could serve a variety of business needs. A knowledgeable attorney could help analyze a company’s specific needs and determine if a temporary employment visa option could work for them.

Special Concerns for Temporary Employment Visa Holders

While a company typically initiates the temporary employment visa process by filing Form I-129, many obligations also fall on the individual worker in question. While either a worker or his or her employer may apply for an extension, both parties must act as though they expect the worker will return home at the end of his or her term of employment.

It is vital to remember that a temporary employment visa is not an invitation to permanently remain in the United States or to apply for citizenship. Instead, a typical length of such a visa is only two years.

Additionally, many workers have family members who may be eligible to join them in the United States. Usually, a spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21 may also apply to enjoy resident status. These people may also apply for a work permit but would be unable to get jobs without this permit.

The holder of a visa accepts that visa with the understanding that it is for his or her listed job only. If that job comes to an end via termination, being laid off, voluntary resignation, or in any other manner, that person must make immediate plans to return home. A lawyer in Aurora who handles temporary employment visa issues could help all potential visa holders understand their obligations under immigration law.

How to Apply for a Temporary Work Permit

Applying for temporary work visas can be difficult without help. The process can be complex, and any mistakes can serve as a significant setback for anyone that hopes to work in the United States. An Aurora lawyer could help an applicant navigate this process successfully.

There are rules and regulations regarding the application for a temporary employment visa. In order to begin the process, the temporary worker must file a document known as Form I-129. This is also referred to as the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. The petition must be filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

In addition to the application form, a foreign national must also provide additional documentation and a photograph of his or herself. There is also an interview component to the process that most workers must comply with. The applicant is required to travel to the nearest consulate or embassy in order for the interview to take place.

An attorney could assist with preparing for every aspect of this process. From filing the application to preparing for an interview, the guidance of legal counsel could make a tremendous difference for a foreign employee. With the right help, a potential immigrant might be able to secure the exact permit they need to achieve their career goals.

Let an Attorney Help You Obtain an Aurora Temporary Employment Visa

Some jobs require a specialization that employers may be unable to find in their geographical areas. When this is the case, employers have the option of seeking workers in other countries.

The temporary employment visa programs allow workplaces to sponsor workers who are residents of foreign countries to immigrate and work for their companies on a temporary basis. This can range in necessity from specialized workers with appropriate education, to religious figures, to artists, to broadcasters.

A seasoned immigration attorney could help companies in Aurora understand temporary employment visas and how these visas could assist their business interests. Legal counsel could also provide assistance to employees who are having difficulty with their temporary visas, who wish to file an extension, or who may be looking into a change in immigration status. Call today to make an initial appointment.

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