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Immigration laws in the United States are notoriously strict. Non-citizens cannot legally work without a work visa, which comes in both permanent and temporary forms.

Even so, not just anyone qualifies for these visas. Applicants must have sponsorship from an employer in the United States and possess specific skills that qualify them for these programs.

An Aurora employment visa lawyer could help you understand your options to obtain a work visa in the United States. Once hired, a knowledgeable visa attorney could work with employees and employers alike to help you navigate the immigration process and progress down the path to legal work in the United States. En Español.

Applying for Permanent Worker Status

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers only around 140,000 permanent work visas every year. In addition, only certain workers who have specialized skills are eligible to apply for these visas. In general, an applicant’s chances of obtaining these visas could increase if he or she has:

  • An advanced degree
  • A specialized work knowledge
  • Special artistic, literary, or athletic skill
  • Special recognition in their field of employment
  • A sponsoring employer who is offering them a job

A permanent work visa allows people to enter the United States and remain there indefinitely while pursuing work. Also, many of these workers may wish to eventually seek citizenship. Among other services, an Aurora employment visa attorney could help people and companies pursue a permanent worker visa.

Pursuing a Temporary Work Visa

Most workers who wish to enter the United States to work do so temporarily. The reasons for this entry might vary, but one thing that workers all have in common is that an employer must sponsor the arrangement.

Perhaps the most common form of temporary work visa is the H-1B. This visa allows specialized workers with college educations to enter the US and perform a specific job for a sponsoring company. In fact, the sponsoring company is the entity that must complete the necessary visa paperwork.

Other examples of temporary work visas include:

  • Cultural exchange workers
  • Visas for registered nurses
  • Visas for agricultural workers
  • Intracompany transfers for managers, executives, or specialists

An employment visa attorney in Aurora could help companies understand the requirements for temporary visa workers and pick a program that best fits their needs.

Form I-129 Defined

Form I-219 is the core piece of paperwork that any person or employee who wishes to petition for a temporary employment visa must complete and submit to USCIS. This form applies to all visas of a temporary nature and requires extensive information about the employee, the business, and the nature of the work to be done. It also must include any supporting information that may speak to the worker’s eligibility for the program. An Aurora employment visa attorney can help applicants gather and submit all relevant paperwork on time.

Get Help From an Aurora Employment Visa Attorney Now

Obtaining the right to work in the United States is a complicated process, and USCIS may only grant permission for you to do so under specific circumstances. The better the education you have, the more work experience, and the greater the lack of similar workers in the United States, the better your chances for entry may be.

An Aurora employment visa lawyer could help both workers and businesses navigate the complex U.S. employment visa system. This could include helping to determine which visas may apply to your situation, gathering evidence that demonstrates your eligibility for these programs, and completing and filing the necessary paperwork. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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