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Toma El Paso: Teaching College Students Immigration Policy

A Game to Teach College Students Immigration Policy

Toma El Paso: Make a Move

A board game originally created to help unaccompanied minors navigate the U.S immigration detention system is now being played by college students to educate them on American immigration policy. Lien Tran designed the game Toma El Paso in 2014 to explain how someone can exit the system – reunification, foster care or return to their home country.

At the Games for Change conference in St Louis on May 12, Saint Louis University professor Kate Moran said Toma El Paso was “eye-opening for her students'”

• “They expressed frustration that even if they did what they were supposed to do, there was no guarantee of a good outcome — at least not quickly.”

• They appreciated its specificity: “The game allows us to talk about something that often gets buried in conversations about high-level law and policy: the way the detention system looks and acts on the ground.”

Watch the presentation on using Toma El Paso to teach college students immigration policy:

Toma El Paso was designed in collaboration with immigration attorneys and immigrant youth advocates and can be purchased here.

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