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Are Immigration Offices and Courts Closed During The Pandemic? (Video)

This video will answer the question, “Are Immigration Offices and Immigration Courts in Chicago Open?”

Watch: Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy on Whether Immigration Offices and Courts Closed During The Pandemic?


Due to the COVID pandemic many people are mistakenly under the belief that the immigration offices and immigration courts are closed.

USCIS is still open. The immigration offices are closed only to in-person appointments.

However, they are still accepting applications. They are still processing cases. The only difference is that any in-person appointment is being postponed for the time being.

If you have completed fingerprinting appointments in the past USCIS has indicated that they will use the old fingerprint results.

The immigration courts are still processing detained cases. Detained cases mean cases where the immigrant is in jail or immigration custody. Any non-detained case is being rescheduled to a future date.

If you or a loved one are detained, we can still schedule a bond hearing to try to get you out of custody. Our office has been continuing to do bond hearings during this pandemic.

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