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Avoid Common Mistakes When Preparing Immigration Forms

Kudos to the Miami Herald for its article published on February 15, 2019, titled Here are some of the worst mistakes immigrants make applying for legal papers. (link). As you may have noticed, we’ve been posting a series of blog content on specific immigration forms. See, What is an I-130, What is an RFE. The Herald’s publication offers some great tips for immigrants and non-immigrants seeking to apply for status in the United States. Among them:

  • Sign your documents
  • Don’t use outdated forms
  • Leaving parts of the form(s) blank
  • Only use BLACK ink
  • Make sure you know the correct fee
  • Know when to submit an original – and when not to
  • Paperclips, not staples

Why Is It Important to Work with an Attorney?

At a time when the government is making it easier to deport loved ones, and deny immigrant benefits, it is important that your forms and applications meet every requirement for favorable results. Immigrants or non-immigrants on work visas who have used or received public benefits are especially at risk of heightened scrutiny from USCIS. Your immigrant forms will certainly ask whether you’ve used public benefits in the past. If you need assistance preparing or finding the appropriate immigration forms the attorneys and staff at Godoy Law Office can help you make the right choice. Contact Us.

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