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Chicago Most Immigrant-Friendly City

New American Economy, a bipartisan research group dedicated to immigration reform, released its second-annual Cities Index and named Chicago the most immigrant-friendly city in the United States. 51 factors are used to determine how well cities are creating environments that help immigrants succeed, including a city’s language access policies, employment and homeownership rates. Chicago scored 4.38 out of a total possible 5.0 points, an increase from 2018’s rating of 3.80.

Chicago is a safe-haven sanctuary city and immigrants make up more than 1/5 of Chicago’s population. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a statement,

“We are tremendously proud Chicago has been named the most welcoming city in America for immigrants and refugees. This ranking reflects the passionate and dedicated work of countless public officials and community members across our city who have come together to stand up and fight for the rights of our immigrant and refugee communities, no matter the cost.”

Chicago was also rated to need more access to affordable housing and income equality. Midwestern cities Cleveland, Milwaukee and Toledo were named as cities whose scores improved the most from last year.

Lawrence Benito, Executive Director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights said,

“We’re glad to see that Chicago is ahead of the curve, which is due in large part to the immigrant community members who have fought hard to make the city more welcoming. Now, with a new mayor, we have a new opportunity to further solidify the progress that cities are making for immigrant communities across the country.” 

Top 5 Most Immigrant-Friendly Cities in Americca

1. Chicago

2. Chula Vista, California

3. Jersey City

4. San Francisco

5. Baltimore


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