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Marrying A Foreigner: Fiancé Visa and Marriage Based Petitions

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one is a strong American tradition. Couples spend meaningful time together, and on this special day share memories of their past and plan for their future together. But for many Americans, Valentine’s Day is a day of sadness and loneliness because they are separated from their loved one who is a foreigner living in another country without a way to move to the United States and marry their loved one. Marrying a foreigner can bring considerable joy and happiness to your life, but it can also cause stress and cost money to navigate the confusing United States immigration system.

If you plan to marry, there are two basic ways you can bring your loved one to America: a K-1 fiancé visa or a spousal visa. Many people confuse a K-1 visa with a K-3 spousal visa. The difference between a K-1 and a K-3 spousal visa are as follows:

• a K-1 visa is for a foreign fiancé to come to the United States

• a K-3 spousal visa is for a married foreign spouse of a United States Citizen to come to the U.S

The eligibility criteria are different for each type of visa, and the wait time and cost for each type of visa are different. There are different ways to bring your foreign fiancé or spouse to America. An experienced family immigration attorney can evaluate your situation and explain the best options for your situation

Valentine’s Day and Marrying a Foreigner

If you are newly wed to a foreigner or engaged to be married, now is the time to begin the application process to bring your loved one to the United States. To apply for a spousal or fiancé visa, the U.S. citizen must file a petition with the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS). Then, the foreign citizen will have to apply for a visa. The visa application process requires the foreign citizen to undergo an interview, background check, biometric checks and medical examination, pay all associated fees and all other immigration requirements.

Today more than ever, immigration law can be complex, confusing and is subject to frequent changes. It is important to keep up with the updated laws to make sure you are making the decisions that are right for your family. If you are hoping to bring your spouse or fiancée to the United States to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, an experienced immigration attorney can help you find the best option for your situation, and help you complete the immigration process.

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