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Pres Candidate Tom Steyer's Immigration Plan

Pres Candidate Tom Steyer’s Immigration Plan

Tom Steyer, a Democrat candidate running for United States President in the 2020 elections, announced his immigration plan and priorities if elected president on January 10. Steyer’s immigration plan includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the country and a restoration of Obama-era protections for young illegal immigrant “Dreamers.”

Key Points of Steyer’s Immigration Plan

Steyer posted his immigration plan on his website, saying:

America is a story of migration and promise. Unless an individual is native to this land or had their ancestors forcibly brought here in slavery, there was a moment in each American’s family history when an ordinary individual made the serious, hopeful, and courageous decision to come to America.

• Use executive action to reinstate DACA, enact DAPA, revitalize TPS, and end the Muslim travel ban.

• Work with Congress to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented Americans.

• Reform ICE, CBP, and USCIS to reflect our values and culture.

• End family separation and cruel detention policies.

• Reform interior enforcement so that communities can live without fear.

• Support immigrants who have served in America’s Armed Forces.

• Appropriately resource federal agencies that provide administrative immigration services.

• Reform the immigration courts.

• Preserve and prioritize family-based immigration as a core value in our immigration system.

• Increase transparency and fairness in the visa adjudication process.

• Work with universities, research labs and the private sector to recruit and retain talented thinkers and builders from around the world.

• Protect Farmworkers.

• Refocus border enforcement on national security.

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