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Promised Land

Promised Land: Giving A Face to the Undocumented

A new TV series drama debuted in 2022 called Promised Land about a Latina family in California’s Sonoma Valley and their quest for wealth and power. The story is based on young undocumented Mexican teens who found their way to the American Dream in the vineyards and built a wine dynasty – and their fight to hold on to all they have worked for. In addition to the entertaining family drama, Promised Land provides a look into the struggles and fears of Mexican-Americans with a secret past that can risk everything.

The series’ storyline is important for several reasons:

Promised Land portrays undocumented Mexicans as powerful, wealthy landowners rather than cultural stereotypes as maids, gardeners or farmworkers.

• The skills, education and training that many undocumented workers bring are a significant contribution to the local and national economy.

• Undocumented immigrants build businesses that create jobs for Americans.

• Undocumented workers pay taxes.

• Many undocumented individuals attend college in America and hold advanced degrees.

• Often undocumented people look and act just like everyone else, and are impossible to identify by simply looking at them.

Crushing stereotypes and putting a positive face on the plight of undocumented Americans is important to help people understand the issue and the impact of immigration laws on our American way of life.

If you are interested in TV programs that feature immigrant stories in America, see Taste The Nation: New TV Series Promotes Immigrant Foods on Hulu by immigrant entrepreneur Padma Lakshmi and Little America, Featuring the Lives of American Immigrants on Apple+.

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