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Taste The Nation: New TV Series Promote Immigrants Foods

Taste The Nation: New TV Series Promotes Immigrant Foods

Immigrant entrepreneur Padma Lakshmi has launched a new TV series that travels to immigrant communities across America to showcase their food culture. Taste The Nation launched on Hulu June 19, and each episode will profile a single traditional ethnic food, from family recipes passed down through generations to a popular street food, and explore that dish’s roots in the community, and how the community has evolved through that cuisine. One episode features dosas in New York, a recipe from Lakshmi’s native India.

Lakshmi considers Taste The Nation as much a political show as a cooking show:

“It’s also an attempt to show the greater American public that immigration is not something to be feared, that it’s actually something to be celebrated. I think what bothers many people of color in the food industry is that we’ve been writing about this and we are experts on our own cuisine, but when a white person discovers curry or turmeric, then all of a sudden it’s the next best thing.

Season 1 of Taste The Nation is now streaming on Hulu.

About Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi immigrated to the U.S. from India at 4 years old. She became an international model at age 21, and became the well-known host of food shows including award-winning Top Chef, Padma’s Passport and Domenica In. She is also an award-winning cookbook author, TV personality, has a kitchen and tableware collection and has acted in various films and TV shows. An activist on women’s rights, and spokesperson on women’s health issues.

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