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Under Trump, Immigrants Applying For Legal Status Have Their Own Invisible Wall

While the public is distracted with the building of a physical wall on our southern border, the Trump administration has been silently building an invisible wall. This administration has concentrated its efforts on curtailing legal immigration.

It has made it harder and harder for immigrants to obtain legal status in the United States by changing its policies often behind closed doors. Every case is under extra scrutiny.

Increased Processing Times

According to a new report from the American Immigration Lawyers Association the overall average case processing time has surged to 46% in the past two years. Immigration application denials have increased 37% since Trump became president. Even professionals applying for renewals of visa applications that were previously approved are being denied with no reason being given.

The administration is trying to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Asylum seekers are being turned away at the border. The administration has even proposed cutting down on the category of family members that a US citizen can file an immigrant petition for.

Last fall the administration enacted new policy at the U.S. embassies changing the rules of who is considered a public charge. The new policy penalizes immigrants as possible public charges even when they have never used any public benefit. The new policy considers whether a US citizen spouse or child used public benefits that he or she is entitled to as a U.S. citizen!

Let an Attorney Help Your Case

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