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USCIS Issues New Guidance to Minimize Immigration Delays

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), on November 16, 2022, issued an alert for immigration attorneys and the public who scan and upload immigration documents into USCIS electronic database systems. USCIS has been experiencing significant delays and backlogs in processing immigration applications and benefits since the pandemic. USCIS is working to increase the use of electronics and technology to improve efficiencies and now scans and upload many documents into their electronic database systems.

According to the alert, USCIS has the following recommendations for paper filings to minimize immigration delays:

  • Hole punch, staple, paper clip, binder clip, or otherwise attach documents to one another.
  • Include photos or documents smaller than 4×6 inches for evidentiary purposes. Provide photocopies of these items instead. The only exception is when we request a passport photo with the filing.
  • Include anything containing electronic chips and batteries (such as musical greeting cards) or non-paper materials such as cassette tapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, toys, action figures, or thumb drives. We will not accept these types of materials. However, we will accept photographs or photocopies of these items.
  • Submit forms or evidence documents bound with a binding or spiral wire/plastic.
  • Submit evidence using photo albums, scrapbooks, binders, or greeting cards.
  • Fold documents.
  • Place sticky notes on documents.
  • Use insertable tab dividers.
  • Print forms on colored paper.
  • Submit more than one copy of the same document or evidence unless required by the form instructions or regulations. If you are required to submit a copy of a complete prior application, petition, or request, clearly mark it as a “COPY” at the top of each page to ensure it is processed as intended.
  • Send original documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, passports and naturalization certificates, except when:
    • Required by the form instructions for the application, petition, or request you are filing; or
    • We specifically issue a request for you to submit an original document.

Does Your Immigration Lawyer Use Technology to Manage Your Case?

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