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What Is a Green Card Lawyer? | Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

What Is a Green Card Lawyer?

There is no such thing as a “green card lawyer.” A green card is a nickname for Legal Permanent Resident status (LPR). The nickname came about because many years ago, LPR cards were green! Today, LPR identification cards are not typically green, but the nickname has continued.

A green card lawyer is a nickname for an immigration lawyer. You are not required to have a lawyer to apply for a green card, or for any other immigration application.

How to File for a Green Card

When filing for your green card you have 2 main options:

1. DIY Do It Yourself
Instructions are online at USCIS on how to file your own green card immigration application. Immigration law is continuously changing and is often subject to interpretation. Immigration requirements can be confusing and you can waste time and money trying to figure out the application forms you need to file. If the filing is done incorrectly you may lose time, money, and potentially have your application denied. 

2. Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer can save time and money and prevent your immigration application from being delayed or even denied.

WATCH: Chicago Immigration Lawyer Mario Godoy Explains the Green Card Process

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