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How to Prove You’re An Expert Judge to Qualify for an O-1A Visa

The United States wants to attract more foreign STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) talent. O-1A nonimmigrant status is available to persons of extraordinary ability in science, business, education or athletics. New DHS guidance clarifies how they determine eligibility for immigrants of exceptional abilities, such as Ph.D. holders, in the science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) fields. Because of this, you must prove you’re an expert judge to qualify for an O-1A visa.

One of the criteria for an O-1A visa is “You should have participated on a panel as a judge of the work of others in your field.” If you’re in the technology or STEM fields and want to apply for an O-1A visa, and you meet the criteria to judge the work of others in your area, here are some ways to prove your “judge” and expert qualifications.

1. If you’re a researcher:

• Peer-review papers of others in your field in a professional journal or website
• Editing or reviewing an article in a professional journal or website.
• The review committee for a technical or STEM conference
• Participate on the application committee for STEM and technology scholarships and fellowships

2. If you’re an engineer:

• Find out about upcoming hackathons happening in your field and reach out to the organizers wanting to be a judge
• Ask to be on the employee evaluation and promotion committee at your company

3. If you’re a Product Manager or manager, you can do the following:

• Research thejudgeclub.com to find competitions and award shows in your field and apply to be a judge
• Ask to be on the employee evaluation and promotion committee at your company

Types of Evidence to Prove You Are Qualified for An O-1A Visa

To qualify for an O-1A visa, applicants must provide evidence that they have been invited to judge the work of others and have actually participated in judging the work of others in the same field they are applying for or a related field of specialization. Proof of judge qualifications include:

  • Proof of the selection criteria for judges at an event or competition you judged at.
  • Evidence showing that you were invited to judge the work of others in a specific event or competition and that you actually participated as a judge.
  • Background information about the qualifications of the participants being judged at the event or competition.
  • Names of other judges at the event or competition.
  • Any additional information and details that show the significance of the event or competition.
    • Documentation in professional journals or websites.
  • A statement for the editors of a journal, organizing committee of an event, or other documentation that your expert opinion was requested as a judge.

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