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If you would like to become a citizen of the United States, you are one of many. Every year more than a half million candidates are conferred as naturalized citizens of the United States. Moreover, Illinois is among the top 20 percent of states with the most naturalized residents.

If you were not born in Naperville, but you would like to become an American citizen, it might be helpful to hire an attorney to assist you. An experienced Naperville citizenship/naturalization lawyer might be a beneficial guide throughout the process of becoming an American. En Español.

How Does One Apply for Citizenship?

The United States Citizenship and Naturalization Service (USCIS) provides the forms required to begin the process toward swearing in as a citizen. Applicants must complete and submit an N-400 form, called the Application for Naturalization.

The paperwork may be completed electronically, provided that petitioners create an account on the USCIS website. However, it may be prudent to print the paperwork so that a seasoned Naperville citizenship/naturalization attorney might either fill it out or check the document for the applicant.

However, not everyone is considered for citizenship in Naperville. There are certain prerequisites, including the following:

  • Aged 18 or older
  • Reading, writing, and speaking abilities in English
  • Legal permanent residency for a minimum of five years
  • Physical residence in the United States for the past month
  • Knowledge of United States government and history
  • Strong moral character and fitness for naturalization

Could Someone Become a Citizen if They Do Not Speak English Well?

In general, an applicant for citizenship/naturalization is required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. However, there are some instances where the USCIS could waive the English aptitude requirement.

Permanent residents older than 50 who have been residing in Naperville or another United States city for more than two decades may be able to swear in as citizens, even though their abilities in English are not the best. The same might apply for green card holders who are older than 55 and have been living in America for more than 15 years.

The policy is a bit different for senior citizens. Applicants who are older than 65 and have been a permanent resident for more than 20 years might be able to take a simplified version of the government and history exam. Because the laws are specific as to age and residency benchmarks, petitioners might be wise to check with a competent citizenship/naturalization lawyer in Naperville before counting on current policies.

The Naturalization Process for Members of the Armed Forces

Soldiers who have served honorably for a branch of the United States military for at least one year may be able to become citizens on that basis. The process toward naturalization might still begin with the completion of the N-400 form.

As an added measure, veterans are required to present USCIS with an N-426 form that has been certified by their branch of the armed forces. Those who continue to serve for the military may have additional requirements that they could learn about from a capable citizenship/naturalization attorney in Naperville.

Contact a Naperville Citizenship/Naturalization Attorney Today

If you are eager to become a naturalized citizen in Naperville, you are not alone. The USCIS receives thousands of applications from foreign nationals who want to become Americans.

An adept Naperville citizenship/naturalization lawyer may be a strong support as you navigate what may seem like an endless pile of paperwork. Contact a local legal professional today to get started on your application.

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