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An Oak Brook cancellation of removal lawyer could help you challenge any deportation statuses that the state wishes to place on your current immigration status. You do not have to feel alone, our dedicated immigration attorneys are willing to help you and could help you demonstrate your outstanding moral character to the court.

What is a Cancellation of Removal?

Cancellation of removal is a form of relief from being deported from the country. It is presented when they are in immigration court. Some common ways cancellation of removal has been used include when someone is in removal proceedings, looking to see whether that person is qualified for legal permanent residency or for non-legal permanent residency. In this case, this filing would be a cancellation of removal with an adjustment of status to that of a legal permanent resident. A lawyer in Oak Brook could help someone determine if cancellation of removal could help them. There is a deadline for applying for deportation relief. People need to make sure that they apply at the time that the court asked them to put in all types of applications against removal from the United States. When the court asks everyone to put that in at that time, it would be a hard deadline.

Important Parties Involved in Deportation Relief

The respondent in an immigration court case is who applies for the cancellation of removal while working with a Oak Brook attorney. The immigration judge who works as part of the Executive Office of Immigration Review, also known as EOIR, is the party that decides whether to grant the application for cancellation of removal.

Why Immigration Attorneys Are Crucial When Submitting a Cancellation of Removal Petition

An Oak Brook attorney is important when applying for cancellation of removal because he or she could help in identifying whether someone is eligible for relief. Additionally, an immigration attorney could make legal arguments help show the judge that the person in question is qualified for that type of relief. For example, in the Chicago area there is Seventh Circuit case law dealing with federal courts that would make certain people eligible for cancellation of removal that would not otherwise be eligible in other parts of the United States. An attorney could also help these people demonstrate their case to the judge so that a judge would grant a favorable decision.

The first of the top three things people should know about these proceedings is that it must be filed in the immigration court on either form EOIR-42A or EOIR-42B. The second thing is that each one of those has separate elements that must be met for the application to be granted. The third is that there are crimes that would disqualify them for cancellation of removal. It is good to have a lawyer evaluate whether someone is disqualified. Finally, cancellation of removal is a one-time grant of discretion by the immigration judge. It could not be granted again should the person commit a crime that makes people deportable.

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When facing a removal status from the United States, you need to exercise all of your available options to remain. You have worked hard to maintain good moral character, and with the help of an Oak Brook cancellation of removal lawyer, you could fight allegations of unsavory decisions. Contact an attorney today to begin a confidential consultation.

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