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If you are wondering about your eligibility for cancellation of removal for undocumented people in Lombard, you first need to know that there are strict guidelines that courts must follow. If you or a loved one does not meet these requirements, it could mean that removal hearings would proceed. Do not let this happen. Speak to a dedicated attorney who could help you or a loved one fight removal proceedings.

What Makes Someone Eligible for Cancellation of Removal in Oak Brook?

The eligibility requirements for a nonpermanent resident include being in the United States for ten continuous years and showing good moral character for that period. It also includes not being inadmissible or deportable for any type of criminal offense and proving that a U.S. citizen, spouse, or child would suffer extreme hardship if their cancellation of removal application is not granted by the immigration judge.

Showing Exceptional and Unusual Hardship

An exceptional and extremely unusual hardship is shown by building that case through evidence, identifying what the issue is and who are the U.S. citizen family members, and then developing documentary and testimonial evidence to prove it in front of an immigration judge.

Some examples include a U.S. citizen child obtaining medical treatment in the United States and a U.S. citizen spouse receiving some type of medical attention in the United States. It could also be a culmination of different factors, including education, work, and conditions of the country that the U.S. citizen family member might have to go to.

What are the Time and Physical Requirements When Applying for Cancellation of Removal?

There is a physical presence requirement when someone in Lombard wishes to apply for a cancellation of removal in Lombard. An immigrant applying for a non-LPR cancellation of removal would be required to be physically present in the United States for ten continuous years. The clock starts for these residents the moment that they entered the United States. Continuous residents could be broken either by committing a crime that makes them inadmissible or that makes them deportable. It could be broken by the person leaving the United States for a certain period of time and being outside of the country in which case they would need to start that period over again. It could also be broken by a notice to appear being properly filed with the immigration court.

How do Courts Define Good Moral Character?

There is no specific meaning for good moral character. Often, it is decided by delineating what does not constitute good moral character and what types of crimes affect good moral character. Those are the types of questions that an immigration attorney would be able to help an immigrant figure out. Good moral character could also be determined by the amount of time spent in jail on a particular crime during the ten-year period.

Speak to a Dedicated Attorney Today

Because eligibility for cancellation of removal in Lombard is more challenging for non-lawful permanent residents, it would behoove you to connect with an attorney who could fight for you. Having a loved one detained by immigration services after your loved one has done nothing but provide and care for his or her loved ones is heartbreaking. Thankfully, there are steps that you could take that could help your loved ones. It all starts with talking to an attorney.

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