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The law firm of Godoy Law Office is dedicated to protecting the rights of immigrants, both documented and undocumented. This mission includes assisting those undocumented immigrants who have been victimized by serious crimes here in the United States.

In these situations, our clients often want to report the crime and seek protection for themselves and their loved ones. They do not go to the authorities, however, because they are afraid of being deported.

Our experienced visa attorneys can often help clients avoid deportation by applying for a “U-Visa.” Under a U-Visa, our clients can enter and remain in the United States if they have cooperated with law enforcement authorities investigating the crime and have been victims.

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The knowledgeable attorneys of Godoy Law Office, help clients understand the complicated requirements for gaining a U-Visa. We work with each client to prepare a strategic application designed to maximize the likelihood of being granted a U-Visa.

Our clients know that we work diligently to protect their rights. The firm’s roster of attorneys includes experienced former assistant state’s attorneys who understand how to build cases both in and out of court that successfully defend our clients’ constitutional rights.

As a result, the entire legal team at our firm understands how to comprehensively address the concerns of our clients in these situations. We maintain a thriving criminal law practice in addition to our immigration law practice. Our lawyers grasp how these two areas of law intersect and the unique challenges that are posed to our clients when these two areas overlap as they can during the U-Visa process.

Our experienced Oak Brook U-Visa lawyers  consistently represent people in need of guidance. If you are involved in a case there, you may be eligible for a U-Visa. Contact our attorneys today.

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