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The U visa was created for victims of certain criminal activity that have helped with the investigation or the prosecution of related cases. These visas are rare and unique in what they offer to victims of criminal activity. The U visa functions as a possible deportation defense even if individuals are found to be deportable from the United States or if judges are seeking to remove them. However, applying for and receiving a U visa is no easy task. Because of this, it is critical for applicants to connect with an experienced U visa attorney who could help.

Lawyers who understand the role of an Oak Brook U visa attorney are indispensable in these events. Attorneys who could help file, gather evidence, and petition the courts on your behalf could better your chances of receiving a U visa.

Why Retaining an Attorney for a U Visa Case Is Important

When applying for a U visa it is critical that applicants place their best foot forward, and with an attorney, this could be made possible. The application process often takes anywhere from three to five years for courts to fully adjudicate. There are certain arguments and information that are important and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The role of an Oak Brook U visa attorney is to help an applicant with this process and help one understand his or her rights.

What to Look for When Vetting Attorneys for a U Visa Case

When hiring an attorney for a U visa case, aspiring applicants should look for an attorney who has worked with U visa cases in the past and someone who understands the different regulations that come into place when it comes to the U visa. It is a specialized case and retaining the proper attorney in Oak Brook could make all the difference.

Common Mistakes Seen Throughout the U Visa Process

Some common mistakes that lawyers have seen throughout the U visa process include people who are not eligible for U visa application filing regardless or unknowingly. There are people who do not receive the I-918 Supplement B certification before applying and people who do not make the necessary arguments to convince the government that they are deserving of the U visa. In some cases, people do not provide the correct information or the correct evidence in order to get a case approved. Because of these reasons, it is critical for potential recipients to hire an attorney familiar with the role needed to receive a U visa in Oak Brook.

Often, people make these mistakes simply because they have never done a case like this before. Inexperience in these situations is often risky for applicants. However, trusting an attorney in Oak Brook could provide better results.

What to Keep in Mind Regarding Criminal Proceedings

When filing for a U visa, applicants should keep in mind regarding criminal proceedings that he or she may want to identify a victim witness advocate if there is one. Applicants should develop a relationship, potentially with the prosecutor. The individual should help out in the investigation in any way he or she can if he or she wishes to receive a U visa granted by the federal government. Potential applicants in Oak Brook should actually reach out to an immigration attorney with knowledge of the U visa in order to ensure that he or she is able to secure a certification of the I-918 Supplement B.

Connect with a Oak Brook U Visa Attorney to Learn More

Immigrating to another country is no easy task. Doing so after or while suffering the abuse from a criminal could make this application infinitely more challenging. However, lawyers who understand the role of a Oak Brook U visa attorney could help you take the necessary steps toward filing your application and escaping a horrible situation.

These visas are unique and even more challenging to appeal to a court for. Because of this, it is critical that VAWA applicants retain the services of experienced attorneys who are familiar with the application process. Contact an attorney today.

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