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Watch: The Godoy Law Office Two-Step Immigration Process

The Godoy Law Office Two-Step Immigration Process (Video)

The Godoy Law Office two-step immigration process brings you guidance, detection and peace of mind.

Watch: The Godoy Law Office Two-Step Immigration Process


At Godoy Law Office, we’ve found from experience that a great outcome has its foundation a well-developed plan and case strategy. We use a two-step process: First, we do an initial consultation and then second, an attorney’s strategy session.

When you call us, we’ll schedule you for your initial consultation in person or over the phone. During that initial meeting, it’s a chance for us to meet each other. This session usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes and it’s an opportunity to learn about your goals, how we can help you and we’ll also listen to what you’re experiencing and what you’ve already tried in the past. Please know that anything that you tell us will be held in confidence. And once we discuss your priorities we can talk about finances, timeframes and expectations. Upon electing to retain our firm, we will schedule your attorney strategy session.

At this session, you’ll meet with your attorney who will give you an honest and clear assessment of your options. We find that the benefit of this session is that you will likely ask questions or even share circumstances that you did not think about during that initial consultation, and by the end of the attorney’s strategy session you will be equipped with a case plan that is best for you.  Then our attorneys and team will work as a single unit to execute that plan.

The end result is that our two-step process will bring in guidance detection and peace of mind. Please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Godoy Law Office.

You should meet with an experienced immigration attorney to help and represent you in your immigration case. We can also help you if you’ve already filed and want an attorney to accompany you to your immigration interview. Please contact the Chicago immigration attorneys at Godoy Law Office at 855-554-6369.

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