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The process of waiting for a common green card is a lengthy one, and people may find that they are at the rear of a years-long line for entry. Even so, special programs exist that allow people with extraordinary work skills or a history of achievement to apply for special immigration status. This program is called the EB-1 visa program.

A Wheaton EB-1 visa lawyer could help people who believe that their educational or vocational skills make them eligible for immigration into the United States. Attorneys could provide more information about the EB-1 visa program as a whole as well as to follow through with a petition through the USCIS.

The Purposes of the EB-1 Visa

The United States continues to attract top talent from around the world. This benefits both workers and the country as a whole. The U.S. offers these people a safe and profitable place to practice their craft. In exchange, these individuals contribute to the economy and the overall culture of the nation.

The EB-1 visa program through the USCIS allows people with a specialized skill to jump to the front of the application line. As opposed to people seeking common green cards who must fill quotas and wait for years, EB-1 visa holders could gain immediate lawful resident status. A Wheaton EB-1 visa lawyer could provide more information about the basics of the EB-1 visa program.

Who May Qualify for an EB-1 Visa?

To qualify for an EB-1 visa, an applicant must meet one of three criteria. Congress and the USCIS have recognized the people who fit into these categories as of a special need to the country and grant them priority immigration status.

People with Extraordinary Ability

These applicants possess special mental or physical abilities that are transferable to the United States. They include artists, athletes, or recipients of awards such as Olympic medals or Nobel prizes. These applicants do not need a standing job offer to qualify for an EB-1 visa.

Outstanding Professors and Researchers

These people are experts in their scientific or humanities fields and must provide proof of a teaching or tenure-track position at an American college or university. In addition, these applicants must provide proof of receipt of a major prize of achievement or evidence of published materials in their field.

Managerial or Executive Exceptions

Here, the EB-1 applicant must have sponsorship through a current employer. That applicant must then take up an executive or management position through that employer.

A Wheaton EB-1 visa lawyer could help potential recipients to determine their eligibility for an EB-1 visa and to gather the necessary documentation to make a proper application.

Let a Wheaton EB-1 Visa Attorney Provide Guidance Through the EB-1 Visa Process

People with extraordinary talents or abilities have priority when asking for an immigration visa to the United States. These people include athletes, artists, scholars, and executives. To qualify for this preferred status, the applicants must provide proof of past accomplishments and may need to obtain evidence of a current job offer. Some applicants must even receive sponsorship from a current employer.

A Wheaton EB-1 visa attorney could help applicants and employers alike navigate the EB-1 visa process. Attorneys could work to evaluate a person’s eligibility and complete all necessary paperwork that may make a move to the United States possible. Contact a Wheaton EB-1 visa attorney today to learn more.

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