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13 Changes for Chicago Immigrants Due to Coronavirus | Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

13 Changes for Chicago Immigrants Due to Coronavirus

Daily life in Chicago has changed for everyone due to local and national emergency procedures to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). CNN identified 13 changes for Chicago immigrants and the immigration system made by the Trump administration due to the coronavirus:

1. March 20: The United States and Mexico limit cross-border travel.

2. March 18: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement adjusted its “enforcement posture” and will focus on those who pose a public safety risk and are “subject to mandatory detention based on criminal grounds.”

3. March 18: The Justice Department closed an additional 10 immigration courts through April 10 and postponed all hearings of cases of immigrants who are not in detention.

4. March 18: The United States and Canada suspended nonessential travel between the two countries.

5. March 18: The United States temporarily stopped refugee admissions.

6. March 18: ICE removal flights to Italy, China and South Korea have been suspended.

7. March 17: US Citizenship and Immigration Services suspended all in-person services.

8. March 17: ICE rescheduled in-person check-ins and pushes back the timeline for recent arrivals.

9. March 17: An asylum agreement between the United States and Guatemala was suspended.

10. March 16: Americans, legal permanent residents and their immediate families returning from Ireland and the United Kingdom have travel restrictions.

11. March 13: ICE ceased social visitation in all of its detention facilities.

12. March 13: The United States implemented travel restrictions from Europe.

13. March 10: Migrant children no longer placed in Washington state and California.

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