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Many people want to become a legal permanent resident (LPR) in Aurora, but there are various pitfalls that may prevent you from filing an application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Even the savviest applicant might encounter obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Aurora, but speaking with a knowledgeable green card attorney may be your best bet for overcoming these barriers.

Timeline for Obtaining LPR Status

One obstacle in the process of getting a green card in Aurora is time. After spending many hours gathering evidence and identification documents, as well as supplying information for forms to an Aurora attorney, the only task that may remain is waiting.

Fortunately, USCIS recently implemented some changes that enable a potential beneficiary to be updated more consistently about his or her LPR petition. Some measures that may be taken to attempt to expedite the process include:

  • Check case status online by entering a receipt number
  • Submit a case inquiry if the petition has not been processed within a reasonable time
  • Make an InfoPass appointment online to speak with someone in person at a field office near Aurora
  • File a service request to correct typographical errors

Speaking with an attorney in Aurora could help you better understand what your role might be and what you may need to do when applying for LPR status to avoid numerous potential obstacles.

Request for Evidence in Support of an Aurora LPR Petition

Another possible roadblock to obtaining an LPR card in Aurora is a Request for Evidence (RFE), which could be issued at any moment during the LPR process. An RFE will be mailed back to the applicant if more evidence is necessary before an adjudicator issues a good-faith approval of a green card. USCIS provides a deadline date for submitting the proof documents asked for, and the RFE letter must accompany the newer evidence.

Notice of Intent to Deny An LPR Application in Aurora

Although a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) is indeed an obstacle to garnering a green card in Aurora, it is not a final decision. A NOID is better defined as a warning that USCIS may not grant the petition unless it is sent more evidence or receives clarifying information. An immigration attorney could explain how to circumnavigate NOIDs.

Statutory Denial

In July 2018, USCIS issued a policy memorandum clarifying valid activities by the employees who decide to approve or deny LPR statuses. This document declared that adjudicators are allowed to issue a statutory denial of a green card application if there is not a legal basis to approve the petition. In many cases, this is the largest roadblock in the way of achieving legal permanent resident status in Aurora.


If a denial does occur after an attempt to gain LPR status in Aurora, there are methods to appeal certain decisions. For example, the applicant may file an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). The AAO is a part of USCIS that may determine whether a petition for permanent residency was wrongfully denied.

An Attorney in Aurora Could Help You Avoid Obstacles to Obtaining LPR Status

A qualified lawyer might be an invaluable asset when you encounter obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Aurora. Seasoned legal representatives may have experience with the pitfalls that you have encountered and could assist you with avoiding them going forward. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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