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While legal permanent resident status lasts for a long time once you successfully obtain it, it does not remain in effect indefinitely. If your Green Card is about to expire, or if it has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, you will need to go through the process of getting it replaced to continue living in the United States legally.

The process of renewing a Green Card in Aurora is fairly straightforward, provided you fill out the appropriate forms and pay the required fees. However, since a mistake during this process could have grave implications for your status as a legal permanent resident, it could be beneficial to seek guidance from a seasoned immigrant lawyer.

When Is It Necessary to Renew a Green Card?

In most circumstances, Green Cards that confer Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) status to a non-U.S. citizen are valid for ten years after the date of issuance. This means that someone who holds this permit should start the Green Card renewal process in the last year before their card expires, as starting the filing process too early or too late can sometimes lead to application denials.

In addition to renewing cards that are about to expire, individuals with LPR status must have their Green Cards replaced if they change their address, change their status as a permanent resident, require a correction for any information on their card, or have had their card lost, stolen, or destroyed in any way. The process established by U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) is the same whether an individual wants to renew or replace a Green Card.

The Renewal Process for Legal Permanent Resident Status

To apply for a renewal or replacement of a Green Card, an individual with LPR status must complete and submit Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card to USCIS. The name of the form does not necessarily correspond to its purpose, as a person seeking to renew a Green Card in Aurora rather than have one replaced would still file Form I-90.

The renewal process can be conducted by mailing a completed paper copy of Form I-90 to USCIS or by going through the USCIS’s online portal. Either way, an individual seeking to renew a Green Card in Aurora would typically only need to submit a photocopy of their current card, whether it is about to expire or already has expired, as proof of their eligibility for a renewal. Additional documentation may be required, depending on the circumstances.

The last step in the process for Green Card renewal is paying the required fees. However, certain individuals may be eligible to apply for a fee waiver, a process that a local immigration attorney could provide further clarification on when applicable.

An Aurora Attorney Could Help You with Renewing a Green Card

Once you have been approved for a Green Card, it is usually simple to renew it upon its natural expiration. However, if you need to renew your status from outside the United States, or if you need to get an updated Green Card with different personal information, consider seeking help from qualified legal counsel.

Renewing a Green Card in Aurora can be easier if you have a knowledgeable immigration attorney helping you throughout the process. Call today to learn more about this procedure and the assistance a legal professional could provide.

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