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Hiring a lawyer for a U-visa case could be important because you want to make sure that you are eligible for this type of visa prior to filing. Your representative will want to look at any reason you could be deemed inadmissible or that the government could deny your application.

A visa could give you a path to getting a green card and citizenship, so it is not a matter to take lightly. To have the best shot at those immigration options, you should understand the role of an attorney in an Aurora U-visa case can play in helping you put your best foot forward regarding your application.

What Should a Person Look for in an Attorney for a U-Visa Case?

When hiring an attorney for a U-visa case, a person should inquire about whether they have ever represented a similar case before. They should also ask about whether the legal advisor specializes or focuses their practice in immigration.

Immigration is a constantly changing area of the law, so having a representative who is dedicated to the field can make all the difference in navigating these cases. They should be a specialist in that area and keep up with all of the updates on immigration policy and law. They should also see if the lawyer has a team and has a thriving practice. Since U-visa cases can be a very long process, the law office must still in business when it comes time to fight for that visa, so if the practice is doing well, they will be more likely to see the case all the way through.

Common Mistakes Made Throughout the Visas for Victims of Crime Filing Process

Some common mistakes throughout the application process include:

  • Filing certification and paperwork late
  • Applying for a visa they are not eligible for
  • Filling out the application with insufficient evidence
  • Filing as a victim of a crime that does not qualify under the statutes governing U-visas

Generally, a person has about six months to file from the date they get their I-918 Supplement B certification. A local legal advisor could ensure no mistakes are made during the U-visa filing process and that deadlines are met in a timely manner.

Could an Attorney Help if a U-Visa Case Intersects with Criminal Proceedings?

U visas could intersect with criminal proceedings if the individual is the alleged victim. They may need to testify at a criminal case; however, they would have certain rights that are provided to them through the States Attorney’s Office. It is important that the immigrant is available for their court dates and cooperative during the criminal proceedings. If they fail to help in the prosecution of the crime, they may be denied a U-visa.

Another time in which the U-visa affects criminal proceedings is when someone is accused of a crime. This often happens when alleged victims of domestic violence call the cops on their spouse, even though they have not committed any violence. It is a good idea to be represented by a legal professional in the area during any type of criminal proceeding, so that immigrants seeking a U-visa can have the best chance possible.

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