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Illinois Immigrants Need More Language Help to Participate in Civic Life, Democracy Solutions Project Finds

A new report from the Democracy Solutions Project at the University of Chicago finds that immigrants in Illinois need more language help to participate in civic life. The report found that the most common language barriers faced by immigrants in Illinois are:

  • Not speaking English well enough to understand the voting process
  • Not being able to find information about voting in their native language
  • Not having access to translated voting materials

The report also found that these language barriers are most pronounced among immigrants who are low-income, have less education, and live in rural areas.

The report makes a number of recommendations to improve language access for immigrants in Illinois, including:

  • Providing more translated voting materials
  • Training poll workers on how to communicate with voters in multiple languages
  • Making it easier for immigrants to register to vote online

The report also recommends that the state of Illinois create a comprehensive language access plan.

The report’s findings highlight the importance of language access for immigrants who want to participate in civic life. By providing more language help, Illinois can help ensure that all its residents have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process.

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