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Watch: Jemma’s Immigration Success Story

Immigration Success Story: Jemma’s Story

Our client Jemma was born in the Philippines and has lived in the United States since 2009. Every time she saw a police officer, Jemma had to hide. And, she knew she was being taken advantage of due to her immigration status. Jemma’s husband found Godoy Law Office and hired us to help her. Here, Jemma and her husband Robert share her immigration success story and how Godoy Law Office helped her achieve her American Dream.

“Don’t hesitate and don’t wait, start the process as soon as you can. Now I am a US citizen.
I am proud to be a US citizen, and I belong here in the United States of America.”

Watch: Jemma’s Immigration Success Story


My name is Jemma Danko I was born in the Philippines and came here in 2009 this is my husband.

My name is Robert Danko I was born in Chicago Illinois and I have lived in the United States my entire life.

I have my anxiety every time I saw a police officer – I was always hiding myself.

When I saw my wife so scared and even trying to hide herself from a police officer I thought to myself this has to be just a very terrible way to live. I thought we have to do something about this because that’s not right – there’s no reason that you should be afraid to go out in public, to ride in a car, to walk down the street. I thought we have to get this taken care of.

Before I got my green card, people take advantage of me and they’re going to ask my status and I can’t say anything about it. I was so scared and I thought they were going to report me.

I thought the best thing to do would be to try and get her status changed to where she wouldn’t be able to, but she wouldn’t have to hide so she wouldn’t have to be shamed, so she wouldn’t be taken advantage of, to stop that. I started the immigration process, I actually went online first looking to see what had to be done. I saw I went to the US government site USCIS site and all the forms that were available and that’s what I thought to myself you know I think it would be much better to get some help with this, to get someone who has knowledge and expertise in this field because this is very important.

It’s very important, and I’m happy I can do whatever I want legally. I am a legal citizen now you don’t have to be scared.

It’s very satisfying to see her relaxed and confident. My advice would be if you plan on staying in the United States I would definitely start the process to become a United States citizen. The change that I saw in Jemma after she became an American citizen was like night and day. And to get the proper assistance, the guidance, the help everything you need to go through the entire process – it’s a complicated process – and the help that we got was so beneficial.

Really the hardest part of it was just waiting so I would say don’t hesitate and don’t wait, start the process as soon as you can. The sooner you start, the sooner you get through it.

Now I am a US citizen. I am proud to be a US citizen. And I belong here in the United States of America

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