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June Is Immigrant Heritage Month

In June, we come together to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month. A time to honor the immense contributions immigrants have made and continue to make to the United States. Throughout history, immigrants have played an essential role in shaping our nation’s arts, culture, and government. They have brought with them new traditions, customs, and viewpoints that have enriched the fabric of American society. As we celebrate #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, all of us should reflect on America’s past, appreciate its present and embrace the future as a nation proudly built by immigrants.

American Diversity and Immigrant Heritage Month

America’s strength lies in its diversity, which is rooted in the immigrant experiences that have converged over centuries. From the earliest European settlers to the millions who arrived seeking freedom, opportunity, and a better life, immigrants have contributed to the development and progress of our nation. They have brought unique languages, cuisines, art forms and cultural practices. All of these have blended with existing traditions, creating a rich and vibrant art of diversity.

This colorful graphic from USCIS celebrates our immigrant heritage:

“Immigrants enrich our nation with their many contributions to our arts, culture, & government. They provide new traditions, customs, & viewpoints that help shape our country.” 

Immigrant Heritage Month is a time to reflect on and celebrate immigrants’ contributions and continue to make to our nation. Their diverse perspectives, traditions, customs, and viewpoints have helped shape America into a land of possibilities. It’s because of this that we honor our immigrant heritage. Let us embrace the strength of our diversity, recognize the contributions of all individuals, and work together to build a future that embraces the ideals of this nation.

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