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June is Immigrant Heritage Month #CelebrateImmigrants

June is National Immigrant Heritage Month

Joe Biden issued a proclamation on May 31st, 2023, in which he officially declared that June 2023 will be known as National Immigrant Heritage Month as a way of reflecting upon the myriad of ways immigrants have contributed to the advancement of the United States, both historically and in the present day.

“Immigration has always been essential to America, and this month, we reflect on the strength and spirit of immigrants that have been passed down through families and infused in our Nation.” – President Joe Biden

In honor of National Immigrant Heritage Month, here are 10 facts about Immigrants in the United States.

  1. As of 2018, a record 44.8 million people living in the United States were foreign-born, making up almost 14% of the total U.S. population.
  2. In 2017, it was found that 45% of all immigrants had obtained Naturalization, while another 27% were Green Card Holders.
  3. Around 18% of “Essential” workers (manufacturing, construction, agriculture, etc.), are immigrants.
  4. One quarter of all new businesses that have opened in the U.S. in recent years are owned by first-generation immigrants.
  5. Foreign-born and first-generation immigrants make up almost 15% of the elected officials in the 118th Congress of the United States.
  6. About 1/3rd of foreign-born immigrants had obtained an education of a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2018, almost as much as U.S. born citizens.
  7. While Mexico is the top country of origin for immigration overall, with 25% of immigrants in the U.S. being born there, China is the main country of origin for new immigrants, followed by India, with Mexico as the 3rd contributor of new migrants.
  8. Since 1980, about 3 million refugees have found new homes in the United States, more than any other country.
  9. In 2019, immigrant households contributed over $490 billion in Federal, State, and Local taxes.
  10. It is projected that by the year 2065, immigrants and their descendants will account for around 88% of all population growth in the United States.

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