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Godoy Law Office discusses Obama's executive action decision for immigrants

Obama Ponders Executive Action For Undocumented Immigrants

This may prove to be an interesting end to the summer. If Obama moves on executive action its going to generate a lot of coverage and misreporting. I work with this vulnerable population and I think its great that at least something will be put into motion. I’ve stood next to too many people with tears of despair and with tears of happiness/hope. The latter happens when one can finally come out of the shadows. Personally I think its great that work permits are part of the plan. A work permit means a social security number and tracking of immigrants through e-verify. Many of these folks will be able to get a license! I’ve seen first hand how this helps our society through my own clients. It allows people to stop living on the fringe and assimilate into the US. It saves tax payer money in avoiding arresting people and jailing them because they are driving to work or driving to school without a license. Obviously there will be the “nay” sayers. Don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Differences From Past Administrations

This is not “amnesty” as under the Reagan administration. Nothing has changed the law. If someone wants citizenship or residency they still have to step into line. There are those that will argue that they or their family immigrated here legally and why can’t others do the same. I’m sorry but apples and oranges may be both fruit but are very different. The wait to come from other well off countries is no where near the years or decade that someone must wait in a 3rd world country. Its not an equal system. What is being reported is skewed too. In my opinion, Democratic presidents have been the most argent supporters of immigration enforcement. Under Obama’s leadership the US has deported or started deportation process in greater numbers than all previous presidents. Under Clinton in 1996 Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act which has been the basis of many deportations that would not have happened beforehand and of the closure of certain types of deportation relief. Immigration reform affects government, businesses, people and lives. Not just our lives but the lives of those yet unborn. Keep your eyes open. This issue is too big for you not to know about.

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