Untruthfulness Doesn’t Show Good Moral Character

Mario A. Godoy
Untruthfulness Doesn’t Show Good Moral Character

In a recent case brought before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), a native and citizen of Mexico seeking cancellation of removal was denied benefits for not proving his good moral character before the courts by being untruthful about his criminal history. He later appealed this outcome and claimed that he did answer truthfully when asked about specific dates and incidents. He further indicated that he was only inconsistent when asked unclear questions which lead him being viewed as less than honest.

Upon reviewing the case, the BIA upheld the original outcome of the case making the following points:

It is up to the person applying for relief to show that they are a person of “Good Moral Character”. By omitting or being less than truthful about his past on numerous occasions, he proved to the judge that he could not be honest. Criminal history was requested multiple times and he was offered many opportunities to be direct. It was not until he was confronted with the facts that he was more forthcoming about his past. This is what lead the BIA to deny his appeal.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of full disclosure with your attorney and/or the court. This case could have had a very different outcome if he would have been honest with all parties involved. Godoy Law Office is here to help and aid you through the immigration process. Contact us today!

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