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US to allow L-1 and H-1B visa holders to renew without leaving the country | godoy law office immigration lawyers

US to Allow L-1 and H-1B Visa Holders to Renew Without Leaving the Country

The U.S. State Department plans to resume allowing H-1B visa holders to renew their visas without leaving the country. Under a pilot program to launch later this year. For the last two decades, temporary visa holders have been required to travel to a U.S. consulate abroad to renew their visas. The global pandemic has made ongoing delays and backlogs far worse, and U.S. businesses have increased their requests for the government to allow domestic renewals for temporary business visas. Domestic renewals were discontinued after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Bloomberg Government first reported the news of the pilot program. But they did not report details or a start date for the pilot program.

H-1B Visas

  • Heavily used in the tech industry, an H-1B visa are nonimmigrant visas intended for foreigners with college degrees working in high-skilled occupations such as technology, engineering or finance.

L-1 Visas

  • An L-1A visa is a type of nonimmigrant immigration program that allows qualified executives, managers, and employees who have special skills to transfer from a foreign company to a U.S. office, subsidiary, or affiliated company to perform temporary services.

What Is Business Immigration Law?

Business immigration law is the practice of immigration law for employment reasons. A business immigration lawyer works with both employers who want to hire skilled foreign workers and foreign nationals who want to come to the United States to work temporarily or permanently.

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