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What Are Deportable Offenses?

What Are Deportable Offenses?

Certain crimes committed by non-citizens are grounds for deportation. A foreign national can be forced to leave the United States and deported to their home country for certain offenses. The United States Code includes the following deportable offenses:

• using fraudulent documents to enter the U.S.
• domestic violence
• child abuse
• stalking
• tax evasion
• marriage fraud
• providing misrepresentations or falsehoods on your visa application
• gun offenses, etc.
• posing a threat to national security
• engaging in terrorist activity
• drug crimes
• aggravated felonies
• helping others enter the country illegally
• overstaying a visa
voting illegally

Any immigrant, including legal permanent residents (green card holders) can be deported for certain crimes. If an immigrant is convicted of a crime and the conviction is expunged, the immigrant might still be deported. It is important for an immigrant who is charged with a crime to hire an attorney with experience in both criminal defense and immigration law, often called crimmigration.

What Is Deportation Defense?

Deportation defense is a legal process to fight deportation based on immigration law. It includes challenging the government’s grounds for removal. It is the government’s duty to prove that someone is a candidate for removal from the U.S. by clear and unequivocal evidence. Additionally, it includes applying for relief from removal. In applications for relief from removal some criteria considered by a judge in a deportation defense include:

•  showing that the U.S. government was wrong to place them into removal proceedings
•  marriage to a U.S. citizen
• family relationship to a U.S. citizen
• fear of persecution in their home country
• victims of a crime

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