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What Happens After Filing Your Immigration Case

If you have filed an immigration applications with USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) you are probably anxiously waiting for a response and wondering, What’s next? How long will it take? When will I hear something? How can I prepare for my next steps? Chicago immigration attorney Mario Godoy answers your questions about what happens after you file your immigration petition with USCIS.

WATCH: Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy Explains What Happens After Filing Your Immigration Case


In this video, we’re going to discuss what to expect after filing your case with immigration. 

Congratulations! You have now filed your case, your application, your petition with USCIS. In the next couple of weeks, you should receive a receipt notice that will indicate that USCIS has accepted our payment and has accepted your case. 

In most cases, there will be a biometrics appointment. At this appointment, USCIS takes your fingerprints so it can conduct a criminal background check. You will receive a biometrics notice with your appointment date and location. This biometrics notice typically comes within 2 months of receipt of that original notice. Once the biometrics appointment is complete, you basically wait for USCIS to process the case. 

Now in some cases, USCIS may ask for updated information via a notice that’s called a Request for Evidence. If your case requires an interview then you will wait for that interview appointment notice to come in. 

If you have an interview, you should always, always prepare prior to attending. Your case can be won or lost at the interview. It’s that important. So it’s part of the process and it demonstrates to the immigration officer that you qualify to receive the benefits for your application. 

Now if you’re a client of Godoy Law Office, we will always give you an opportunity to prepare that interview with one of our attorneys. 

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