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What Is In A Green Card Marriage Interview? | Immigration Lawyer Mario Godoy | Godoy Law Office

What Is In A Green Card Marriage Interview?

Family unity has been one of the primary goals of immigration policy in the United States. An American citizen can file a visa petition to sponsor a spouse to get their own green card. The marriages of immigrants to American citizens are inspected by the United States government during USCIS interviews where they are looking for inconsistencies as indicators of marriage fraud. Often, the applicant is separated from their spouse during the interview so the immigration officer, who questions both the citizen and their spouse, can be sure there is no cheating occurring.

 What Questions Are Asked In a Marriage Interview?

Each marriage interview is unique and the immigration officer can ask any questions needed, but spousal green card applicants can expect questions such as these to test the validity of their marriage. The questions will cover a wide variety of topics including your relationship, each other’s families, your employment and other topics such as these:

• How did you meet?

• How soon did you start dating?

• When did you meet each other’s families?

• Why did you decide to get married?

• Where did you buy the ring?

• How many people attended your wedding?

• Where was the wedding held?

• What did you do after the wedding?

• Do you go to church? How often?

• Draw your bedroom layout

• What car does your spouse drive?

• What did you do last night?

• What did you do for Christmas?

• What gift did you give your spouse?

• When was the last time your spouse saw their mother?

• Who are your spouse’s brothers and sisters?

• Does your spouse have any tattoos?

• Has your spouse ever been hospitalized?

• Who are your spouse’s friends?

• Where does your spouse work?

Immigration lawyer Mario Godoy recommends that you always have an experienced immigration lawyer present during your marriage interview:

An interview with USCIS is almost always required to obtain immigration benefits, including spousal sponsorship for a green card. An immigration attorney can attend your USCIS interview with you and explain any questions or complicated issues. Your immigration attorney cannot respond to questions the immigration officer asks you, but they can help make sure the interview goes smoothly and your rights are represented. In our experience immigrants that are represented tend to be treated  more favorably at an interview. 

In addition, the immigration officer may visit your home, speak to family members or neighbors and take other steps to verify that your marriage is valid.

An experienced immigration lawyer can answer your green card questions about divorce or legal separation. With experience in many immigration cases, Mario Godoy and the other immigration attorneys at the Godoy Law Office can assess your situation and advise you on your best options. Call today at 855-554-6369.  

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