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What To Do If You Are Not Selected in the Lottery or Your H-1B Is Denied

What To Do If You Are Not Selected in the Lottery or Your H-1B Is Denied

The annual H-1B visa lottery begins March 1, 2022, for the 2023 H-1B visa lottery fiscal year that begins on October 1, 2022. But what should applicants do if they are not selected in the H-1b lottery, or if their H-1B visa is denied? H-1B visas are nonimmigrant visas that permit foreign workers in specialized occupations to live and work in the United States for a limited period of time.

With over 300,000 applicants in the annual visa lottery and a U.S. labor shortage, there is high demand in the business and tech industries for H-1B visa holders. The denial rate of the 85,000 workers drawn from the annual H-1B visa lottery dropped to a record low 4% in 2021, 3 years after reaching a record high in 2018. But what if you aren’t picked in the lottery, or your H-1B visa application is denied?

If you are not selected in the H-1B lottery or your H-1B visa is denied, a business immigration attorney can determine the best alternatives to the H-1B visa based on your qualifications, timing and the position your employer is offering. Some alternatives to the H-1B visa are:

• A cap-exempt H-1B visa is available to universities and related nonprofit entities, nonprofit research organizations and government research organizations.
• An O-1A visa is available for people with extraordinary ability visa particularly in the STEM fields
• Apply for an F-1 visa status to study for a master’s degree or an F-1 visa extension if you are already on a study visa.
• An L-1 visa for intracompany transfers is a good alternative to the  H1-B visa for foreign workers who work for a company with locations in the United States as well as international facilities.

You can also appeal the decision of your H1-B visa denial to USCIS. A business immigration attorney can help foreign workers who are looking for alternatives to live and work in the United States if your H-1B is denied.

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