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Will The U.S. Allow Me To Be A Dual Citizen?

Being a dual citizen means that you are a legal citizen of two different countries at the same time. United States laws do not require a person to choose one nationality or another. This video discusses the three ways that a U.S. citizen can have dual nationality.

WATCH: Chicago Immigration Lawyer Mario Godoy discusses how to be a dual citizen


In this video, we’re going to answer the question of whether the U.S. will allow me to be a dual citizen.
Now, a green card holder remains a citizen of his or her country of origin or citizenship.  Generally, in order to become a U.S. citizen,  a green card holder will have to go through a process that’s called naturalization. Part of that naturalization process requires a renunciation of allegiances to other countries.
However, in some instances, your country of origin may still allow you to keep your citizenship. The U.S. law holds that a U.S. citizen is not precluded from dual nationality that’s obtained in one of three ways: 
First, through the naturalization in the U.S. when the foreign state does not divest its citizen of their citizenship upon
Second, through birth in the U.S. to nationals of a country that allows someone to become a citizen simply because their parent was a citizen of that country.
Third, through the naturalization of a U.S. citizen in a foreign country that does not require that the U.S. citizen renounce their U.S. citizenship.
Dual nationals should always use their U.S. passports to enter and to leave the United States.
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