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If you are getting ready to apply for citizenship through naturalization, it is crucial to ensure you qualify and understand the process. The Bolingbrook application process for naturalization can be complex and hold unique and unexpected challenges. You may want to consider hiring an immigration attorney who can help you navigate the twists and turns of this process while working to resolve your case as promptly as possible.

Basic Standards to Apply for Naturalization

There are a few different possible scenarios where someone would qualify to apply for naturalization. The applicant should be a legal adult, be an upstanding citizen, and have held lawful permanent residency (LPR) in the United States for five or more years. A foreign national serving or having served in the military may be able to enjoy expedited processing of their naturalization application and the five-year waiting requirement could be shortened.

Among the basic criteria to initiate the Bolingbrook naturalization application process, the applicant must have a level of fluency in English to write, verbalize, and read the language. Applicants seeking citizenship through naturalization in Bolingbrook should also study the U.S. Constitution, historical events, and understand the government’s structure and processes, as one section of the naturalization process is a test that measures their knowledge of these subjects.

Challenges to the Bolingbrook Naturalization Process

Besides the basic criteria to apply for naturalization in Bolingbrook, it is also important to understand what factors could pose a challenge to the success of an application. For example, if the individual departed the country for six months or longer during the five years before applying for naturalization, this could impact their ability to fulfill the in-country presence stipulation.

A backlog of unpaid spousal or child support, as well as a criminal history, could also pose a challenge to someone’s application for naturalization. A Bolingbrook attorney could review an applicant’s situation to determine whether they may be qualified to move forward with the naturalization process while examining any potential barriers to citizenship.

How Applying for Naturalization Works

The first step in seeking naturalization is to submit the application. If the application is accepted, the individual will be required to attend a meeting to be fingerprinted.

The applicant will also be required to pass a naturalization test, which includes an English and U.S. history assessment. If the individual passes the test and the interview concludes successfully, they will be set up for the final portion of the naturalization process. This is where the individual is sworn in as a U.S. citizen and relinquish their green card.

Hiring a Bolingbrook Attorney to Help You Throughout the Naturalization Application Process

The Bolingbrook application process for naturalization can be lengthy and could take more than two years from start to finish. A mistake or insufficient information on your application could add more time and adversely affect the outcome of your case.

Whether you are preparing to apply for citizenship through naturalization or want to find out if you qualify to apply in the first place, an attorney could help explain the laws impacting your case and provide constant support at each stage of the naturalization process. Book your case consultation with an immigration lawyer today.

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